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Enneagram coaching and consultancy for personal transformations

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Crack the Code to Who You Are

I am Hans Schumann, an Enneagram Coach in London, and I would like to take you on an Enneagram Growth Journey. It’s a powerful coaching process that will provide you with a quantum leap in self-awareness and personal growth.

Have you ever wished somebody could explain who you really are, what your strengths are, your blind spots and why you sometimes act irrationally? Enneagram coaching will help you with exactly that. Your personalised Enneagram report will provide radical insights to support a deep personal transformation.

Enneagram Growth Journeys use a growth model based on archetypes of personalities. It explains the subconscious patterns that determine how we act, feel and think. It starts with an online Enneagram assessment that will help you understand your personality structures, why you created them and how they can sometimes hold you back in life.

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Enneagram Growth Journeys use this growth map of archetypes

What does an Enneagram Growth Journey entail?

Understand how you function

Your Enneagram report is like a manual telling you who you are and how you function.

Uncover your blind spots

Learning about your blind spots and other subconscious patterns creates new opportunities for personal growth.

Create a growth plan

I will help you turn the insights from your Enneagram report into an executable personal growth plan.

Overcome your limitations

The journey is about growing beyond the limitations of your current personality patterns and cultivating new ways of being.

Understand other people

You will learn why and how other people function so differently from you, and how to manage and leverage differences.

Improve your relationships

You will become more effective at creating healthy relationships, whether personal or professional.

“Hans helped me find clarity in my relationships, career/passion direction and just getting to know myself on a level I hadn't known before. I would highly recommend him as a coach and hope to work with him again in the near future”

Monica Chen

“Working with Hans has helped me more than I ever could have imagined. An incredibly beneficial process. Hans is a very compassionate man with incredible insight. Would highly recommend

Robbie Ransom

“Working with Hans, especially with the Enneagram, has been transformational. It has given me a much deeper level of awareness and insights which are delivering results for me at work and home. I highly recommend working with Hans

Tracy Clark

What benefits can you expect from an Enneagram Growth Journey

Some people start an Enneagram Growth Journey with specific career, leadership or life goals. Others just love learning more about themselves and other people. Whatever your motivations are, the benefits of your own journey will have a profound impact on all areas of your life. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

  • Increase compassion for yourself and others
  • Clear emotional issues
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Improve productivity and motivation
  • Build leadership authenticity, potency and impact
  • Strengthen your resilience towards stress
Enneagram Growth Journeys create a quantum leap in emotional intelligence

Ready to get started?

Beginning an Enneagram Growth Journey is a wake-up call. You will gain insights about yourself and others that you can no longer “unsee”. You will learn how most people are driven by subconscious patterns that run on autopilot, with little control over how they feel, think or act. So the choice is yours: Do you want to wake up, take charge and break those patterns or continue to sleepwalk through life?

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