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I offer several Enneagram Packages, depending on whether you want just a taster of the Enneagram or embark on a longer Enneagram Growth Journey. I can also create a bespoke package if none of the options on this page match what you are looking for. Click here to check out my Enneagram coach qualifications.

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Enneagram Starter Package

Enneagram Starter Package

This Enneagram Package is perfect for you if you are new to the Enneagram. We will identify your Enneagram type, and you will learn about its strengths, development areas and the psychological patterns that drive how you act, feel and think. This will give you a taster of the Enneagram and of working with me.

The Enneagram Starter Package includes:

  • The Enneagram Online Assessment
  • Your personalised 23-page Enneagram Report
  • A one-hour debrief session with me to help you understand the findings of the report and how to apply them to your life
  • Online access to free Enneagram videos and meditations

I also offer an upgraded Enneagram Starter Package Plus for £499, which includes two, instead of one, debrief sessions. This will allow us to go deeper into your report and any questions you may have.

Price: £299
Enneagram Growth Plan Package

Growth Plan Package

Knowing your type and understanding its themes is only the start of a powerful growth journey. The Enneagram shows us a way to overcome the limitations of our current personality pattern, which may be holding us back in life.

If you choose this Enneagram Package, you will receive a personalised plan that points to your most relevant growth areas. The plan will take account of your main type, subtype, instinctual sequence, Centres of Intelligence and blind spots; in the context of your specific life themes and goals.

The Growth Plan Package includes:

  • Everything from the Enneagram Starter Package
  • Your personalised growth plan
  • A total of three one-hour coaching sessions
Price: £899
Comprehensive Enneagram Package

Comprehensive Growth Journey Package

This Enneagram Package will be for you if you love the Enneagram and are interested in a longer and deeper journey with me.

Over 10 coaching sessions, we will work on specific items from your personalised growth plan. It will comprise a wide range of different themes covering mental, emotional and body-based work.

For some elements, you may need support from other sources than me, such as therapy, group work, family constellation and body work.

I will signpost you accordingly where this is the case. Such work with other practitioners is not included in my packages.

The Comprehensive Growth Journey Package includes:

  • Everything from the Growth Package Plan
  • A total of 10 one-hour coaching sessions
  • An upgraded 42-page version of the Enneagram report, which includes additional sections on leadership and communication

The upgraded Professional Report includes the following additional sections:

  • Feedback Guide for all Types
  • Conflict and Triggers
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Behaviour
  • Coaching Relationship

Price: £2,299

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Logistics of our sessions

You can work with me online or in person in London, at intervals that we will agree. Most clients see me weekly or fortnightly. In-person appointments take place in Clapham, Bank or Moorgate.

You can pick the dates and times for your sessions on my online booking system. You will also have access to my coaching platform, where we can share resources and track progress.


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